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Ten minutes from Stanthorpe, A world away from stress.


A state of the art halogenerator disperses finely ground salt particles throughout the room’s air. You may experience a minute salty taste on your lips whilst in the room, but apart from that, you won’t really see much as the particles are so small.

Breathe:Do you suffer from a respiratory condition or allergies?

Are you suffering from Hay Fever or congestion from Cold & Flu?

Salt therapy is a 100% natural and drug-free therapy.

When dry salt is inhaled deep into the lungs, it lines the walls of the airways to help loosen congestion for easy expulsion. Improving the transport of mucous secretion and freeing blockages reduces congestion and helps cleanse the airways of smoke, dust, pollution, pollens and other allergens.

Salt therapy can also offer symptom relief for sinus conditions. When inhaled through the nose, salt coats the inner lining of the sinuses and may help reduce congestion and allergies.

Consistency is key. Regular salt therapy may help relieve the symptoms of a range of respiratory conditions and allergies so that you can live and breathe well.

We are located at Pozieres just 10 minutes from Stanthorpe but a world away from stress. Our mountain top location lends itself to a healthy pollution free environment that is perfect for people with respiratory problems.

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Massage and Acupuncture also available by arrangement.




In the mid-19th century, according to halotherapeutic lore, a Polish doctor named Feliks Boczkowski noticed that local salt miners seemed free of the lung problems that plagued miners of other minerals. He attributed this fact to the humidity and airborne minerals in the salt mines. Contemporary research appears to support his thesis.

A 2006 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that salt inhalers can improve pulmonary health for people with cystic fibrosis. Other studies have found similar benefits for chronic smokers.

Is salt therapy safe?

Salt therapy is a natural treatment and very safe. There are no known side effects associated with salt therapy. Sometimes after a session, you might experience a little tickle in your throat, which is the body’s natural way of clearing toxins from your body.


Can children use salt therapy?

Yes! Kids often respond to salt therapy more quickly than adults, and since it’s natural, there are no known side effects of salt therapy.  Children can enjoy activities in our salt room, including a “sand” box with salt.  We ask that an adult accompany their children at all times. One child is free with an adult session.


Who shouldn’t use salt therapy?

Those who are coughing up blood, or if you’re at risk for it, should not use the salt room. Others who should avoid salt therapy include: those with pulmonary insufficiency, acute or severe disease of other organs (unless you have clearance from your physician) and children under 12 months.


How long are these sessions?

Sessions are typically 40 minutes in duration and are semi-private for up to four people at a time.  The concentration of salt is adjusted for your specifications.  


What should I wear?

Dress comfortably to relax and breathe.  If skin conditions are your main focus, make sure to wear clothing that maximises skin exposure. Shoe coverings will be provided and must be worn to ensure that the salt remains clean and pure.

How many sessions are necessary to achieve benefits?

Halotherapy offers the best results when practised regularly. The benefits are cumulative and consistency and frequency is the key. Those with chronic issues will benefit greatly by visiting salt rooms at least 3-4 times a week.

Those who want to incorporate salt therapy into their regular wellness routine would benefit from a weekly session. Halotherapy is safe to use on a daily basis, if desired.