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Ten minutes from Stanthorpe, A world away from stress.

    Salt Therapy

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, sports and remedial massage.

TaiChi and Meditation Workshops

Salt 'Cave' Therapy

Welcome to the Salt Elements website



The benefits of salt therapy are numerous and it can be effective in the following situations:

  • General health and well being: Strengthens immune system; decreases stress and thus improves mood; detoxifying.

  • Improving sports performance: Increases lung capacity for greater athletic performance.

  • Providing respiratory relief: Helps to decrease mucous congestion; is anti-inflammatory; antihistamine; antibacterial – all allowing for easier, more comfortable breathing.

  • Treating skin conditions: Provides an abundance of minerals necessary for skin health, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory to decrease skin irritation, infection and inflammation.

  • Relief for pregnant women: Natural, drug free & clinically proven way to treat skin and respiratory / lung problems.


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